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9 Smart Ways to Make A Video Wall Work for Your Company


The old adage "bigger is better" has never been truer than with video displays. If one video screen is effective, a video wall is a powerhouse that can create amazing opportunities and results.

Companies, regardless of size or industry, are using video walls to achieve several different goals, both employee and client-facing. The digital video wall adopters are realizing high return on investment (ROI) in their endeavors.

Here are 9 smart ways to make a video wall work for your company.

Enhancing Large-Scale Visuals

Boring, dead graphics are so last decade, and they won't do anything to help your business grow and thrive. Graphs, charts, and other visuals are a proven way to quickly and efficiently impart messages to your audience. With the large display availability a video wall provides, your company's messages can be absorbed even quicker than if the communication was sent through a memo, email, or a single video display. A video wall gives your visuals even more power.

Making Your Company Message Agile and Flexible

Instead of static boring printed signs, company memos, or endless emails, using video walls expands the urgency of your communications to your staff. Similarly, it also works better when you're talking to your clients, whether it's a promotion, new product or service, new location, or other interesting piece of information. Video walls allow the user to change the content as often as needed, and to add or remove messaging at the drop of a hat. This flexibility keeps your messages fresh and memorable.

Interacting in A User-Friendly Way

Gamification and other interactive exercises are popular with people of all ages. And why not? It's FUN! Using your video wall as a game that requires your audience to interact will entertain them and increase their positive feelings about your brand. Instead of waiting their turn in a boring doctor's or dentist's office, for example, video walls immerse them into another "world, and can engage and entertain them. Another benefit is that, if they are entertained, prospective customers will be open to learning about your products and services, which may move them through your pipeline quicker than with other methods.

Communicating Data

Some people don't absorb numbers quickly or easily, making it difficult to impart information like stock prices, sales figures, percentage of goal reached, and other numerical metrics. Large video walls can rely on powerful visual graphs and charts to help decrease the difficulty of digesting a large amount of numbers. This can also work for complex or in-depth processes or regulations. Large, crisp images and clear visuals are essential in imparting large amounts of information without overwhelming or boring your audience.

Promoting Your Brand

If you can get people to recognize and identify with your brand, you're on your way to building loyal customers. Video walls allow you to share and expand your brand in several ways. Use videos in high traffic areas, like lobbies or showrooms, to tell you company's story. Highlight your logo and your mission statement periodically, so people will remember it. You can also share your company's core values and taglines you use.

Displaying TV or Other Broadcasts

Air the weather, local or national news, an infomercial, a TV show, or a sporting event on your video wall. Or, your company may opt for an educational presentation. The sheer size of a video wall, not to mention the eye-popping graphics, will make it an experience the user won't soon forget.

Showcasing Your Product

New or seasonal products will fare better if they're promoted on a video wall. Product promotions can grab customers as soon as they walk into your store and remind them of what they need to buy they may not have even thought of, yet! Using models and video, you can create an entire ad that appeals to your buyer and also increase the sell by adding in complementary products that go well with your main product. You can also share other selling points like a deadline-oriented discount, and the colors and sizes available.

Educating and Informing Customers

If you have buyers that aren't quite ready to make the decision yet, educating them is a smart idea. A video wall makes it easy. Whether they are in your lobby, your store, or at a tradeshow, being able to share information about your product, the pain points it solves, why it's better than your competitors' products, and why they need it in their lives is possible. Interaction with the screens can customize the user experience. For example, the buyer could answer a series of questions and the screens could show which product or service best fits their needs.

Upping the "Awesome"

We hate to sound like we're in high school, but "do it because it's cool" is one of the reasons using a video wall is a good idea for your business. Every message, promotion, video, and piece of data will look and seem more important and interesting if it's being displayed on a video wall. A slick, high-tech communication strategy using video walls for your business is going to attract attention and create a memorable experience.

Depending on the industry your company is in and the product or service your sell, you may benefit from all 9 of these video wall ideas, or maybe only a few will fit with your organization's strategy. Either way, video walls create a powerful vehicle for sharing data, managing and expanding your brand, promoting your products, and educating your clients. By embracing this high-tech messaging solution, your company can gain an edge on its competitors and maintain a sense of agility and flexibility in both your employee and client communications.