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6 Questions for Choosing the Right Digital Signage Software

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Decision makers know that driving their organization forward takes both insight and action. Sometimes that means changing the way things are accomplished.

Using digital signage software offers many advantages to a company, but it’s imperative to make smart decisions when implementing it into the workplace. It should create maximum impact. Here are 6 questions to ask when choosing the right digital signage software.

What Is Your Purpose?

Instead of choosing the digital signage software and then making it work for your purpose, make your decision in the opposite direction. Your purpose should drive the decision. Think about the goal or goals you want to accomplish with digital signage. Is it to pass along information about your company, such as new product rollouts? Will it be used to share internal information like meeting dates, KPIs and announcements? Are you going to use it as an advertising channel for events or promotions? Carefully consider what you expect from your digital signage software and the desired end result as well as understanding the versatility of the software to serve multiple purposes. Defining your purpose early in the process facilitates the ability to choose wisely.

Just as important in the decision-making process is figuring out…

Who Is Your Audience?

When you think about your purpose, who is on the other end of the information you are using digital signage software to convey? Using it to impart high-level company information to top executives is one use, or you may be using it to remind the entire company of the goals or announcements about awards or achievements. Instead of using it to impart information internally, your message may need to reach your potential customers about a new product rollout or, in the case of some industries like healthcare and education, share maps to visitors for way-finding. Choosing the right digital signage software demands that you think about who your information will be targeting.

Who Will Maintain the Content?

Content that is outdated and stale won’t help you reach your goals. Designate a specific person, department or digital signage company that offers content management to maintain fresh communications. The marketing department is a natural choice for this job. Again, it depends on the purpose of the communication. Company event planners, Human Resources, operations managers, and administrative personnel can all be tasked with it. The vital component for it to be effective is for there to be a commitment to consistent, accurate, relevant messaging. You might want to make the decision to hire your software vendor to manage your content if you don’t have an internal person to do it. This may be the best plan to ensure you reach your goal of using digital signage software.

What Features Do You Need?

Now that you know your purpose, your audience, and who is responsible for the content, this step is where your plan can come together. Deciding which digital signage software to purchase takes some research into the “bells and whistles” of the system and how each of them benefit you. Digging into these can be overwhelming because of the number of choices available!

Remember the lowest price isn’t automatically the best choice. Go with a high-quality picture. Choose a solution that is easy to use, especially if you are planning to create and manage the content in-house. Flexibility is another feature that benefits you greatly. Give positive points to the options that allow multi-media displays of rich graphics, sound, and pictures that will do a better job of capturing your audience’s attention. Pre-built templates within the system can assist in building stunning content fast instead of creating it from scratch. Compatibility with other programs you already use is an additional component of your decision.

Your purchasing journey should educate you on the options available and the benefits they will provide you. This is the time you will narrow down your options and start determining…

Which Vendor Is the Best Fit?

Picking the best vendor for your digital signage software is essential for this project to be successful. Do some research on the top industry providers and narrow your search based on your goals and audience. Experience and the ability to deliver quality is key, along with a product that is easy to use, robust, and intuitive.

Don’t forget about training and support. While digital signage must offer stunning graphics and powerful messaging options, those won’t hit the mark if the backend is clunky and confusing. Make certain that the vendor you choose offers a strong training system. Ask about the type of training provided. Do they have video tutorials users can access if they need a refresher? How about support? Vendors should be able to supply you with both training and support from an experienced customer service team and helpful training materials.

When choosing a digital signage vendor, make sure the one you decide on can scale and grow with your business, and can supply you with services you need one, three, or ten years down the road.

References matter. Make sure you talk with the company’s current clients that are in industries similar to yours and determine their degree of satisfaction. Also read online reviews of the vendors’ performance, customer service, and quality before you make a final decision.

How Will You Measure Success?

When purchasing digital signage software, set up a way to decide the degree of the initiative’s success. Are your employees more informed? Are fewer visitors to your organization getting lost? Are more people taking advantage of your promotions and events? Review the reports produced by the system for information on how the software is being used. You may want to conduct polling questions to discover the impact digital signage has, depending on how you use it and the goal you set for it.

Making an investment in digital signage software requires thought and research. By pinpointing the goal you want the purchase to reach, and carefully addressing the features you need, you can be confident in choosing the vendor that can provide you with the best experience. Once the decision is made, either the designated content providers or the content vendor management can begin building and sharing your information to the audience you want to reach. With digital signage software, your company creates a new, fresh outlet for sharing content and imparts important information to your audience.