Interactive Kiosks and Wayfinding

Oldcastle Infrastructure

Paving Tomorrow, Building Today!


Oldcastle Infrastructure embarked on a 2023 update, adding 22 pilot locations with new digital signage. These 22 locations consist of offices, warehouses, and customer areas. The primary goal was to implement a system that offers easy management, quick adaptability, and customization for all 22 sites. Additionaly the design not only needs to meet the current needs of Oldcastle Infrastructure but also provide scalability for any future locations.


In a collaborative effort with the Oldcastle team, we devised a system that is not only easy to manage but also adaptable to cater to the varying needs of each location. The final design comprises a set of templates, allowing each location the flexibility to choose and customize according to their specific requirements. Ensuring the backend system's organization and efficiency was of utmost importance to facilitate effortless content additions or changes for each location. The end product is a digital signage system that seamlessly combines personalization with ease of use, meeting the unique demands of each location without compromising user‐ friendly functionality.


With such a substantial task at hand, we persist in providing technical and design support for Oldcastle, ensuring a seamless transition in their mission to update the digital signage network. At ConnectedSign, we offer personalized training for each project, ensuring that users are familiar with the intricacies of their signage system. As new locations are added, we continue to provide personalized training for each one.