Interactive Kiosks and Wayfinding
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WellSpan Health Good Samaritan Hospital, Sechler Family Cancer Center

Connecting a Healthcare Facility


Good Samaritan has a host of wonderful and generous donors, as well as the need to broadcast their care, services, and events. Items that were previously printed have been updated and placed onto the digital display, and all donors can be seen and respected for their contributions to the health campus.

Good Samaritan Hospital needed digital signage that would display a wealth of information.


Working closely with the marketing team and designers at Good Samaritan Hospital, ConnectedSign created the behind the scenes infrastructure; that is, the interface. Multiple layers of advanced live data were created to display donors and their information using advanced interactivity and play trigger techniques. The signage displays live data, videos, images, and PDF documents with ease, each placed in their own unique category and sorted neatly.


Good Samaritan Hospital is a campus filled with extraordinarily skilled physicians, nurses, and technicians that strive to constantly improve patient care and treatment. Their facilities rival those of any big city hospitals; with an ultra-modern emergency room, life-saving heart center, and expansive women’s center. All medical care is delivered with the most comforting touch you can receive at Good Samaritan. Where excellent touches like room service, peace and quiet, and an excellent staff come together to form personalized and high quality care for any and all who walk through their doors.

Their vision is to be THE choice of their patients, community, physicians and employees…by exceeding their expectations. Some hospitals offer powerful medicine while others offer comforting care, but it’s extremely rare to have a hospital that can do both well. The Lebanon area is glad to have the caring and skilled staff at Good Samaritan Hospital to turn to for their health and wellness needs.