Interactive Kiosks and Wayfinding

United States Steel Corporation

Connecting a Corporation


U.S. Steel is one of the leading steel production companies in the United States, with production facilities in North America and Europe. They are able to produce about 24.4 million net tons of steel a year for use in the automotive, appliance, container, industrial machinery, construction, oil and gas industries. For such a large company, effective internal organization is absolutely necessary so employees remain on a united front, producing the highest quality products. U.S Steel came to ConnectedSign looking for digital signage that could internally inform employees of statistics such as production numbers, accident reports, company stock feed, weather and other important environmental conditions.


ConnectedSign worked with U.S. Steel to develop content that allowed employees to stay up to date on the information that was most relevant to them. We created a platform for U.S. Steel to showcase information such as the company stock feed, weather forecast and messages about environmental conditions that could directly affect the facility. Our digital signage showcases live, real-time statistics about how many days the plant had gone without an employee sustaining an injury. Current production numbers and statistics within each division of the company are also displayed.


U.S. Steel and Connected Sign have built an active partnership that continues to this day. Among the things we continue to offer U.S. Steel are:

  • technical assistance and support
  • ongoing consultation when questions arise
  • software training when needed