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Treasury Board Secretariat Connecting a Government

Treasury Board Secretariat Connecting a Government


Treasury Board Secretariat desired a design that was easy to understand and edit. TBS wanted to easily update the signage with various documents, power points, and graphs. TBS desired a board that would allow employees to quickly and efficiently pick out important information for their department. Each department needed to be titled correctly and display that departments information correctly and concisely.


ConnectedSign, created 5 templates for Treasury Board Secretariat. Using template extractors to deliver created templates to comply with TBS’s strict security measures. Templates followed the branding provided by TBS, multiple color samples were created before settling on a teal color. The templates were created at 1920×1080 with a 96dpi resolution so it will appear crisp and clean on HD resolution screens.


Treasury Board Secretariat helps deliver good government and excellent public services in the most effective and efficient way possible. TBS plans expenditure management and controllership, including support and due diligence for decision-making related to capital. They oversee labor relations between the government, the Ontario Public Service and broader public sector. TBS ensures that technology is deployed effectively and its value is maximized across the Ontario Public Service.