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Technical Consumer Products Connecting with Manufacturing


TCP asked ConnectedSign to design a simple and clean set of templates that will display varying information revolving around internal content. TCP desired the ability to post PowerPoint documents, as well as menu and event data consistently and easily. The templates needed to follow TCP branding guidelines provided by the company itself. The desired templates had to be open and clean, as well as easy to read and understand on the fly. Content is focused on delivering information to TCPs workers and internal staff.


ConnectedSign created two templates for TCP. The first contained multiple regions for Power Points, Videos, Images, Live Data, Weather, and RSS feeds. The second template was made to focus on displaying cafe menu live data in an easy to read way. ConnectedSign personally handled building CSV data for both the events and menus, delivering this data and training TCP on how to best utilize the delivered data.


Technical Consumer Products (TCP) comprehensive product line includes CFL and LED ENERGY STAR rated lamps, along with DesignLights Consortium rated fixtures. They have leading LED driver designs and patents. That’s why TCP earns scores of top product and supplier awards.
Strategic partnerships with industry leading vendors have allowed them to achieve these awards with ease. TCP is a member of many professional lighting associations (ALA, ENERGY STAR, NAMLCO, etc.), these associations work with lighting professionals to make lighting products information available, develop programs through an exchange of ideas, improve awareness of lighting programs and promote the need for and the benefits of energy efficient lighting.