Interactive Kiosks and Wayfinding
Southern Airways Express

Southern Airways Express Connecting a Commuter Airline


Southern Airways Express brought their vision to ConnectedSign. They were looking for a cost-effective, easy to manage digital signage solution that allowed multiple templates to be displayed in multiple airports. Each regional airport needed to have its own unique set of data, detailing flight arrivals, departures, and weather conditions. Data accuracy was important; consistent and timely updates of flight status. SAE also wanted to make “on the spot” updates.


ConnectedSign delivered a software solution that met SAE’s wish list plus some! Crisp, eye-appealing design was developed. Templates built following branding guidelines. In addition to regional flight stats displaying with accuracy, new features were added. ConnectedSign designed an HTML clipping weather radar tracker that allows passengers to visualize regional real time current and forecast conditions. Templates cycle between arrivals, departures, and weather conditions. A live RSS feedmat the bottom of the displays provides for news and local even information.


Founded in 2013, Southern Airways Express (SAE) has experienced tremendous growth based on their commitment to each individual passenger; their mantra “Every Passenger, Every Day, Every Flight.” This mantra has encapsulated SAE’s thinking and their core values since Day One. Southern Airways was born from a vision created on the back of a cocktail napkin. More than that first sketch of a route map, though, it was the idea that people will notice and consistently choose an airline that actually cares about their happiness. And in that first year of operating two (nine-seat) planes, SAE had to make sure that every one of those eighteen daily passengers left happy!