Interactive Kiosks and Wayfinding
SAMTEC 1 571x300


Connecting Employees


Samtec, a worldwide manufacturer of a broad line of electronic interconnects, placed a high priority on its going global goal. They needed an innovative and useful digital signage framework to help them meet this goal. The mission was to provide the company an easily managed information network to broadcast communications to their global family of employees. This is where ConnectedSign came into the picture.


When developing the blueprints for Samtec, ConnectedSign took their plans for global expansion into consideration. Achieving the “go global” initiative required both companies to work in tandem so streaming content to remote global facilities was not only possible, but easily attained. We created a system design that featured usability and boasted functionality. Following true to the application-driven society of today, Samtec will use an App to stream this content to the company computers globally. The innovative design of this Digital Signage project will allow Samtec to communicate directly with their global facilities and allow for limitless streaming content. The screens run Microsoft Office applications, flash files, videos, Adobe PDF files, RSS feeds, text files, HTML links, and weather.


The signage project with Samtec has proven to be very successful. ConnectedSign ended up being able to stream their content to their remote global facilities from their Digital Signage infrastructure titled Samtec TigerNet. Over time, Samtec's use of Digital Signage has been growing and the resulting analytics have been positive. The company now has plans to continue adding units throughout the next calendar year.