Interactive Kiosks and Wayfinding

Oldcastle Precast Manufacturing Digital Signage


Oldcastle Precast approached ConnectedSign wanting to replace their digital signage system with a more user-friendly communication product. They demanded exceptional customer service, which was lacking with their DS software. Oldcastle Precast wanted to improve employee communications, particularly relating to health and safety. Their initial request to ConnectedSign was to create a template with the ability to show live traffic feeds, safety videos weather, employee recognition, and workforce content. Easy maintenance was paramount.


ConnectedSign’s design team produced their customized template to play a wide array of content and alternate with safety videos that played in a randomized order. We created a days without accident counter that pulls from a live data source as well as templates for monthly birthday and work anniversaries. We were able to create scrolling announcements that alternated with RSS feeds across the bottom of the screen. Employees of the month are celebrated in the main section of the screen with photos and captions. Those who are working in the field can drag and drop photos from job sites of precast materials to be featured on the signage. A live traffic map is shown everyday when employees are leaving to alert them of current traffic conditions. Full-screen safety videos alternate with the main content and are set up to run on schedules based on their relevance ie: Winter safety, Summer heat hazards…etc.


Oldcastle Precast, a subdivision of Oldcastle, is the largest manufacturer of precast concrete materials in North America. Producing a wide variety of materials such as utility vaults, reinforced concrete pipes, drainage and septic systems, retaining walls and more, Oldcastle Precast is known for their high quality products and attention to detail. Oldcastle Precast has more than 80 facilities in the United States with over 3,000 employees. Always looking for ways to improve energy management, increase recycling and minimizing waste, Oldcastle Precast is committed to pushing the limits of manufacturing while upholding strong core values of quality and service.