Interactive Kiosks and Wayfinding
O State campus

Oklahoma State University

Connecting a Campus


Oklahoma State University came to ConnectedSign looking to broaden and strengthen their campuses’ communication system. With over 10 different dining options in the Student Union alone, OSU was looking for easily maintainable menu boards that could feature daily and weekly specials. Bustling with student body events, academic programs and sporting events, the University asked us to provide them with a way to feature and give directions to where events were taking place on campus.


ConnectedSign worked with OSU to produce a plethora of static, dynamic and interactive digital signage pieces for the campus. We branded the signs with OSU colors and imagery and carried this theme throughout the signage project to their digital menus and other static and dynamic signage. The Digi-Award winning kiosk that we produced for OSU’s Student Union utilizes live data to host a variety of information such as event listings, campus news, dining options, and campus directories. The kiosk also uses wayfinding technology to map out various locations and points of interest around campus. Our menu boards at campus eateries stylishly feature a variety of dining options. (Indiana) Oklahoma State University is dedicated to educating students through leadership and service.


Oklahoma State University was founded on Christmas day in 1890. Today, OSU is a global influence as it represents students from all 50 states and 120 countries around the world. Striving to better the world through integrated, high-quality teaching, research and outreach, OSU is committed to producing well rounded leaders who take challenges by storm. The athletic program at OSU is recognized as one of the top in the nation with their basketball and baseball teams blazing trails in college sports. Consisting of a diverse student population of over 35,000 students across five campuses, OSU has produced over 240,000 graduates since it was established.