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Meritus Medical Center

Connecting a Medical Center


Meritus Medical Center is a 341-bed acute care hospital in Hagerstown, Maryland. They decided to begin a digital signage software project to meet some of their specific needs. The medical center wanted the ability to display various types of digital signage, including a digital menu board in the hospital café, signage for the education department displaying schedules and events, as well as a content management solution to display and schedule staff-designed customized signage throughout the hospital on the CCTV system they already had in place.

James Slemp, the Information Services Applications Analyst at Meritus, was selected to head up the digital signage project. He explained the objectives they wanted to achieve with the addition of digital signage. “Our goal was to find an easy to use interface, powerful tools for graphic manipulation, something that would link to our SQL databases, and a system flexible enough to handle the needs of a hospital environment.”


ConnectedSign emerged as the preferred solution and delivered all the products and services that Meritus Medical Center required for the digital signage project. It was a good fit. “Meritus is a good example of a health care campus that is using all the functionality that Digital Signage has to offer. They did their homework and got their team educated about the possibilities. Then they picked a starting point and started to grow their system,” said ConnectedSign’s President, Loren Bucklin.


The project has been successful in a variety of important ways. The hospital’s digital signage system enables patients, guests, and staff to access information about scheduled educational classes, video loops of hospital events and news, and even café menu offerings. The strategically located HD display signage is also integrated with Meritus Medical Center’s event management software, ensuring that the most current class schedule information is presented to the education department, and that expired events are automatically taken off the screens.