Interactive Kiosks and Wayfinding
Marist High

Marist High School


Marist came to ConnectedSign looking to display a wide variety of content from student and faculty communications to social media sharing. With a busy student-life body, Marist asked us to build a video wall that could feature new and upcoming school events. Marist was also looking to feature past event photos and video segments for students and visitors to see upon entering the school. Marist requested social media adapters to feature their Twitter and Instagram feeds.


We worked with Marist High School to create a robust active video wall with dedicated spaces for news and events, videos and photos as well as social media adapters. We created a main screen that is branded with Marist’s logo and colors. This main template consists of a rotating quote of the day as well as Twitter and Instagram social media sections that rotate current posts. The opposite sections of the video wall showcase PowerPoint slide shows and video highlights. In the bottom right hand corner, school news and events populate based on schedules. Weather, time and date are also featured. We included a ticker of world events to keep students and faculty informed of current events. This main template alternates with a full screen template that can play video, images or PowerPoints.


Marist High School opened its doors in 1963 as a Catholic, all boys college prep school. Since then, Marist expanded its doors in 2003 and now caters to a co-ed population of grades 9-12 students. Boasting a plethora of classes and activities, Marist is known for its rigorous academics that are paired with an incredibly active student life. Three college prep classes and 20 advanced placement courses help create a fast-paced academic program. With 26 athletic programs that rank state and nation wide, Marist is a top competitor for academics and athletics. 37 clubs and activities ensure that every student is able to develop their unique gifts as they seek to fulfill their individual potential.