Interactive Kiosks and Wayfinding
Maplehurst Correctional Complex

Maplehurst Correctional Complex

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Maplehurst Correctional Complex needed a digital signage system for their visitors lobby. The signage would need to be eye-catching and clearly communicate the rules and expectations to professional and public visitors in a succinct and professional manner. Previous printed signs were often ignored; with sheer volume of visitors coming through the lobby each day, none of them were paying any attention to the signs. This causes delays, frustration, conflict and denial of visits.


A system of digital billboards and kiosks insures that the necessary messages get through. By providing a content package including graphic displays, the system also provides something for the visitors to watch while they wait.


In addition to helping visitors understand the rules, Maplehurst Correctional Complex’s new digital signage system came with a few happy by-products:

  • visitor lines are moving significantly faster
  • less people are asking for rule clarifications
  • fewer visits are being denied
  • frustrations are greatly reduced