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Lake washington

Lake Washington Technical College

Connecting A College


Lake Washington Technical College, an institute located in Washington state’s high tech corridor that serves over 5000 students every year, came to ConnectedSign to seek assistance with their digital signage needs. They were looking for a system they could use for emergency communications, event and services promotion, and an outlet to share student and visitor information. Another item on their list of needs was the ability to distribute content from third-party suppliers, such as weather or broadcast television.


After talking with Lake Washington Technical College’s decision makers, one of whose was Mike Potter, Head of IT, ConnectedSign worked with them on the installation of a campus-wide deployment of Digital Signage. ConnectedSign President Loren Bucklin explained what the college needed. “They pretty much wanted to be power users of all the system could offer.”


Now that the digital signage is installed across campus, the college plans to create its own content, contract out for custom content, and/or purchase ready-made content relevant to its operation. Additionally, LWTC has recently been approved to offer its first Bachelor of Technology in Applied Design degree and believes a comprehensive digital signage solution will help to promote awareness of the college's many career pathway opportunities.