Interactive Kiosks and Wayfinding


Inductotherm: Global Excellence with a Local Touch


In pursuit of improving internal communication and accessibility, Inductotherm wanted to implement an interactive digital signage system for its employees. This signage would serve as a centralized hub, making it easy to access company information. The digital signage has contact details of key personnel, providing employees with direct line of communication to higher-ups. Along with resources such as employee information, insurance details, and job opportunities. The signage includes a café menu alongside real-time company announcements.


Collaborating with Inductotherm, we determined that a single-region template would offer the most effective solution for their interactive digital signage needs. Within this template, the region would house various content categories. With a user-friendly interface allowing employees to seamlessly access information by pressing buttons, triggering the replacement of scheduled content in the region. This streamlined approach ensures simplicity and ease of use for all users. To maintain engagement when not actively in use, the signage features a company video, preventing screen stagnation and enhancing the overall appeal


At ConnectedSign, our team is dedicated to ensuring the long-term success of each client’s digital signage project. As a result, we provide ongoing technical support, training, consulting, content updates and even system management if needed.