Interactive Kiosks and Wayfinding
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Interactive Kiosk For Trade Show


With a tight timeline and very specific necessities, IMI required a digital kiosk for an upcoming trade-show event. The kiosk needed to follow IMI’s branding guidelines and needed to display data pertaining to current and new products. The kiosk needed to be interactive, the flow easy to understand and move through for those unfamiliar with the new products and the usage of digital signage.


The creative team at ConnectedSign created an interactive kiosk displaying IMI’s multiple new products they recently displayed at their professional trade show. The design followed the branding and website guide lines provided by the client, making sure the design was functional and fluid using aforementioned guide lines. Interactive buttons take the user through various screens showing videos and slideshows detailing issues with transportation wheels and explaining the details of products that improve the transportation experience.
The creative team worked against a solid deadline, making certain to abide by the deadline and finish the project in time for IMI’s tradeshow.


IMI delivers extra miles in extraordinary ways for the trucking industry. IMI’s innovative products provide solutions to everyday trucking challenges. They listen to the challenges of driver retention, fuel costs, and excessive down time due to maintenance needs. With over 300 years of combined industry experience, IMI has put the best minds to work to create innovative, easy-to-use solutions.