Interactive Kiosks and Wayfinding
First National Bank F N B Corp

First National Bank/F.N.B. Corp. (formerly Metro Bank)

Connecting a Corporation


The former Metro Bank desired a digital signage solution that gave them the ability to post information, news and advertisements. The signage had to be easily update-able, easy to read and appealing in design. As is a common request, all signage and content was required to follow company branding and look clean, sharp and representative of the company’s atmosphere.


We created both vertical and horizontal templates that followed Metro’s branding guidelines. Weather as well as time and date are included, with the content changing depending on zip code and computer time. Plenty of space has been provided to suit power points, images and video content, depending on what currently suits the client’s needs.


A dynamic display was created using interactive software and First National Bank’s marketing and branding guidelines. The process was kick started with a designer reaching out to the client for design wishes and branding requirements, each design being reviewed and discussed between client and designer. Once a final design aesthetic was chosen and the design was pulled apart, gussied up, and efficiently put back together in the software content manager. All through the process the client was kept up to date on their signage with e-mails, calls, and screenshots.

The result was working signage in both vertical and horizontal format. Used to display advertisements, holiday messages, date/time, and local news and weather.