Interactive Kiosks and Wayfinding
Express Employment

Express Employment Professionals

Connecting a Company


Express Employment Professionals desired a digital signage solution wherein an interactive board would display company honors based on a set of tiers. The ability to easily and swiftly update and edit information on each honor had to be included, as well as the ability to change names and logos on each tier. Finally, Express Employment requested the ability to “cycle” through tiers and employees via a simple touchscreen swipe.


ConnectedSign provided design services, creating content based on Express Employment Professionals’ existing marketing standards. The kiosk we created displays three separate screens: intro, tier select and employee scroll screens. The intro screen describes the purpose of the signage, tier select explains individual tiers and the employee screen supplies name and state information for individual employees.


An interactive display was created using interactive software and Express Professional’s marketing and branding guidelines. The process began with reaching out to the client for design ideas and requirements, each design being reviewed and discussed between client and designer. In the end a final design aesthetic was chosen and the design was pulled apart, polished up, and reassembled in the software content manager. Through the process the customer was kept in the loop on how their design and interactivity was progressing, and designer and client scheduled calls on a regular basis.

The result was working signage with three levels of screens as well as interactive employee recognition. The design was clean, polished, and well-liked by the client and those who pass by the displayed digital signage.