Interactive Kiosks and Wayfinding
Crystal Coast Touch5

Crystal Coast Tourism Center Connecting a Coast


Tombras Advertising Agency, on behalf of the Crystal Coast Tourism Center, desired the development of a state-of-the art interactive display for two separate locations, Morehead City and Emerald Isle. This premier project would replace the static paper maps hanging on the Tourism Center’s walls. The displays had to be visually appealing to the visitor and showcase the events and life activities of the surrounding towns and beaches. A project designed to encourage tourism and lifestyle changes to any person visiting the Crystal Coast Tourism Center locations.


ConnectedSign worked closely with Tombras in meeting the challenge. Each location was supplied with the same hardware (2×4 video wall and 65” interactive wall-mounted display) and a cloudbased digital signage software solution. Many hours of ConnectedSign’s design services were instrumental in the development of these interactive displays that feature customized google maps and static map imagery. With a simple touch on any beach location, the visitor is viewing video and images related to that spot. The displays’ “click here” button launches the Crystal Coast’s website allowing the visitor to immediately identify current activities and events. Each four-panel video wall display transports the viewer to observe breathtaking videography of the surrounding landscape. Using drones, Tombras Group was able to capture stunning aerial videos that are in continuous rotation on the video walls. In addition to aerial videos, regular videos explode in a brilliant display of the Crystal Coast’s activities of beaches, fishing, celebrations, and more.


The Crystal Coast is North Carolina’s premier beach and vacationing destination. With eleven different locations, spread over 85 miles of glistening beaches, the Crystal Coast is home to year-round tournaments, the freshest seafood eateries and tons of family friendly activities. From history to ecology, nature to shopping, the Crystal Coast offers a variety of diverse interests to a wide spread of ages.