Interactive Kiosks and Wayfinding
Fort Collins TX Crop

City of Fort Collins

Connecting a Community


The City of Fort Collins and their transit authority, Transfort, was looking for a way to revamp the signage system for their riders. The existing signage system was outdated and was a source of frustration for everyone. The riders had issues with viewing the screens and employees had problems with updating the screens. They sought a creative vision that would be able to turn around the less than attractive signage system. Employees at Transfort asked Fort Collins to employ an updated system that had the capability of displaying data in real-time, show a live TV feed, and an immediate display of emergency alert messages, all while maintaining the look of a professional signage deployment. After some research, they decided to partner with ConnectedSign.


ConnectedSign worked with Transfort and the City of Fort Collins to create an easy to use digital signage system. Social media was a heavily integrated item on these screens. The difference between this use of data and other mass transit deployments was the ability to make updates anywhere in the world, at any time, all by Twitter posts. When the information in the tweet changes, it triggers specific items to appear on any screen within the network based on the message of the tweet. This system allows network administrators to make updates quickly and easily without being at a PC with installed software. Updates can also be made through an online based SAAS solution for the entire network.


The content created included a number of impressive features such as live TV, weather, ads, and live data updated through spreadsheets. The screens allow an interactive and informative experience at Transfort’s locations both for riders and employees. Through the integration of this robust Digital Signage employment, the City of Fort Collins and Transfort are able to provide their riders and employees with the data necessary to keep them safe and informed.