Interactive Kiosks and Wayfinding
Bluewater Health 50

Bluewater Health


Bluewater Health employed the ConnectedSign creative team to create an interactive display sign with integrated detailed wayfinding. The goal was simple — provide visitors and new employees with an easy, visual guide with which to navigate throughout the health campus. Bluewater Health expressly wanted a way for the user to pinpoint their location and destination, and follow the wayfinding path showing them the most beneficial route to take. Easy navigation was paramount, along with using the soothing color palette that Bluewater Health is proud of.


ConnectedSign created a complex, but simple to use and edit sign that fulfilled the client’s need. Six templates were created, each displaying unique information. Two templates act as a prompt to interact and a navigation introduction. Another two templates deal exclusively with Bluewater’s desired wayfinding features, displaying locations that can be touched and scrolled through. Locations are sorted alphabetically via filters available in Content Manager. Two templates are dedicated to news RSS feeds and information regarding the health campus, using RSS XML links and csv documents to create organized layouts that are easy to read and understand. The creative team at ConnectedSign worked with Bluewater Health to create data that would be used by their digital signage, and edit maps that would serve as the base for the wayfinding feature.


Bluewater Health is located in Ontario, part of the Ernie St. Clair Local Health Integration Network. Their mission is to create exemplary healthcare experiences with patients and families every time. Their philosophy is simple — to be the bridge — the bridge of care for their community depends on a bridge to health and renewed well-being. With a staff of nearly 2,500 strong professionals of staff, physicians, and volunteers, they are Sarnia Lambton’s largest public-sector employer. They take great pride in their legacy of patient care, quality, and service.