Interactive Kiosks and Wayfinding
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Baldwin Public Library Connecting a Library


The Baldwin Public Library came to ConnectedSign looking for an interactive digital signage system that would host a variety of information. The library had recently undergone renovations which meant they would need to feature an updated map. Baldwin was also looking to showcase information about their staff and board of directors. Additionally, internal events for children, teens, adults as well as room rentals would need to be advertised. Lastly, Baldwin was interested in incorporating their social media accounts into the signage.


We worked with Baldwin Public Library to create an interactive sign that neatly showcased their various events and happenings.

Baldwin’s main screen functions as a widget board of sorts that invited viewers to interact with the screen. The main screen features a scrolling header, the Library’s Instagram feed, a large event banner area as well as a smaller events section that filters events that pull from an Excel spread sheet. Interactive buttons at the bottom of the screen navigate users to secondary screens with information such as a map of the building (complete with zooming capabilities), an events screen where patrons can scroll through upcoming events and a staff page that lists library staff (complete with images, and contact information) and the Board of Directors.


Martha Baldwin started a literary club in 1869 with 19 other people and 48 volumes. This was the beginning of library history in Birmingham. The club eventually grew and purchased the First Methodist Church in 1871 and solidified their presence in the city.

The library continued to grow and thrive in the city of Birmingham. In 1913, Martha passed away and the library board voted that the Public Library of Birmingham be named the “Baldwin Memorial Library” in Martha’s honor.
Today the Baldwin Public Library consists of over 120,000 educational materials such as books, compact discs, DVDs, magazines, newspapers and databases. The library hosts a variety of events for all ages and continues to promote literacy and education.