Interactive Kiosks and Wayfinding
Arcadia University

Arcadia University Connecting a University


Arcadia came to ConnectedSign with a question:
How does an organization push out important information to a 4,000+ student body, plus staff and faculty? Plus, accomplish that in such a way that is not only effective, but distinguishes itself from other Universities and organizations. And lastly, do this in best way possible to minimize operational expense, while being cost-effective. Arcadia wanted a visual communication system with the ability to scale and integrate with their current infrastructure. In addition to dynamic individual displays, Arcadia wanted several video walls to POP! These signs were to go in a very visible area and meant for both current and prospective students.


As an all-in-one software, hardware, and creative services company, ConnectedSign was able to showcase products to Arcadia that fit all of their needs. The non-exclusive relationship we have with our vendors allows ConnectedSign to present a wide spectrum of products while maintaining the pricing advantages of a wholesale distributor. “As a rule, we never show a client a product or solution that isn`t directly relevant to their needs and within their budget. In line with this philosophy, the experienced team at ConnectedSign conducted a survey of what resources Arcadia already had at its immediate disposal. In addition to the digital signage software, ConnectedSign provided cost-effective high-end video wall display units, iPads and mounts, individual smaller single displays w/mounts, and player PCs. Arcadia had an enthusiastic and capable Graphic Design department to leverage for content design. With the bulk of creative services provided by the University, ConnectedSign supplied the Training Services and knowledge-base. So, the actual display and video wall content shown below was made possible by our Basic Digital Signage Software Training package and a motivated designer, with zero prior digital signage experience!


Arcadia University is a private College nestled just outside of Philadelphia. Arcadia boasts a diverse student body and a campus full of buildings just as varied. From castles to modern student centers, Arcadia has a unique case for effective Visual Communication strategies.