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Alpha Dog Advertising for Meadia Heights Golf Club

Alpha Dog is using digital signage to advance their clients.


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The objective of this project was highlighting the clubs’ many membership groups, activities, and dining. Located in southern Lancaster County, Media Heights offers special golf packages to the residents of one the country’s largest retirement communities. As a result, Media Heights needed a modern, clean design for their digital signage to increase readability, and engage all their membership groups.


Throughout the comprehensive design process, a consensus emerged in favor of a three-region layout as the most effective choice. This deliberate selection markedly enhances the readability of a wide spectrum of content varieties. Importantly, this decision also streamlines the process of transferring content to the digital domain. The consideration given to this layout underscores its suitability for our objectives. It is a result of a thorough analysis and reflects a commitment to optimizing both visual accessibility and digital adaptability.


At ConnectedSign, our team is dedicated to ensuring the long-term success of each client’s digital signage project. As a result, we provide ongoing technical support, training, consulting, content updates and even system management if needed.