Interactive Kiosks and Wayfinding
Doctor with co workers analyzing x ray

All Med Physicians (formerly Pri Med Physicians)

Connecting a Healthcare Facility


  • Patient waiting list automatically streams onto signage
  • Signage software is easy to use and make updates to


All Med Physicians had decided to invest in a change in their offices and was looking for a way to give an edge to a typical doctor’s appointment. They wanted to be able to use technology to share informative and helpful information their patients would find valuable. David Colmans, the person in charge of the signage deployment at All Med Physicians, described what they were seeking as a “double usage tool”. They chose to team up with ConnectedSign to make this initiative a reality.


ConnectedSign worked with All Med Physicians to understand their vision. After some discussion and planning, they were able to launch a unique digital signage project at the first of five locations. Each exam room is equipped with monitors that run a stream of content. Some of the topics are doctor biographies, news within the community, and heath-specific information. This content is shared while the patient waits for the arrival of their physician. In additions to installing screens in the clinic’s exam rooms, All Med set up screens in the lobbies. These provide a list of patients in the order they will be seen.


All Med and ConnectedSign worked together so they could customize and implement a project that was fresh, technologically up-to-date, and attractive to the people who were going to be looking at it. Our digital signage package made content on each screen much easier to update and re‐word. Best of all, the patients loved the addition and frequently compliment the information shared while they are waiting for their doctor. This project was such a success that it is expanding across the remaining All Med clinics as they are remodeled.