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solutions that last—and grow!

Why choose connectedsign?

ConnectedSign - solutions that last...and grow!

You don’t know what you don’t know

We will recommend the optimal system based on your specific needs. Our unique approach ensures that you won’t end up with dead-end systems, dysfunctional content management software or programs no one knows how to use. And we can provide as many or as few services as you need.

Our approach to electronic communications has been likened to a Swiss Army knife. Whatever your need, whatever your challenge, we have a tool to help.

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clients choose connectedsign because of our:

  • Deep expertise in digital signage
  • Ability to work with any software or hardware, including existing technology
  • Commitment to providing scalable long-term solutions
  • Ability to provide customized, award-winning content
  • Outstanding customer service and support
“ConnectedSign is a great company to deal with. They were there every step of the way!” - Riccardo F., Waste Management, INC.