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Solutions by Industry: Entertainment

Digital Signage Solutions for Entertainment

For signage as exciting as your attractions, look to ConnectedSign. Digital signs have transformed visitor experiences at theaters, amusement parks, sports venues, concert halls, zoos, museums, parks and more. Connected venues have better flow, happier guests, more engagement and more return business.

Isn’t it time you got connected?


Entertainment destinations are using digital signs to:

  • Help visitors navigate through facilities
  • Provide schedules, announcements and other important information
  • Serve as virtual concierges, guiding visitors to local information and services
  • Post event schedules
  • Promote on-site amenities
  • Communicate simultaneously with staff across distant locations
  • Publish menus
  • Provide touch screen kiosks for ticketing, wayfinding and more
  • Provide entertainment in waiting areas and lounges
  • Communicate important information
  • Provide scores, stats and other data in real time
  • Make emergency announcements instantly
  • Broadcast events and shows over a campus
  • Enhance shows with video walls and other large displays
  • Provide direction in parking areas



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ConnectedSign Digital Billboard at Spooky Nook Sports

Spooky Nook Sports / Digital Billboards: Hardware, Software, Content

Entertainment Success Story

Read our featured Case Study below to find out how ConnectedSign was able to address Spooky Nook Sports’ digital signage needs. Click on “GET A FREE TRIAL” to discover how ConnectedSign can help your organization as well!

Spooky Nook Sports
Connecting a Complex
Manheim, PA
ConnectedSign Digital Billboard at Spooky Nook Sports
ConnectedSign Digital Billboard at Spooky Nook Sports
ConnectedSign Digital Signage at Spooky Nook Sports
DIGI Award Winning Kiosks Spooky Nook Sports
ConnectedSign Digital Billboard at Spooky Nook Sports
ConnectedSign Digital Menus at Spooky Nook Sports
The Result

As Spooky Nook continues to grow, they continue to reach out to ConnectedSign for their changing digital signage needs.  We continue to work closely with Spooky Nook employees to provide them with:

  • state of the art content
  • top of the line software training
  • customer service through our support and logistic teams
“"Working closely with Spooky Nook, we developed multiple formats of digital signage that would be showcased throughout the complex."” -