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Digital Signage 101

The Hows and Whys of Getting Connected

Digital signage presents an amazing array of possibilities, so many that sorting through it all can be a little overwhelming. The following pages will give you an introduction to the basic elements of digital signage, including the types of equipment and systems available and how they can work to connect your business or organization.


Every digital signage system contains three elements: hardware, software and content.

choosing a digital signage solution

There are two important considerations when choosing a digital signage solution.

The System Should be Adaptable and Upgradeable.

When adopting any new technology, people are naturally worried about investing in the wrong system. What if something more advanced comes out in four months but you’ve already limited yourselves? What if your hardware can’t work with your existing software? Our solutions rely on common solutions like Windows to ensure that if a new software version comes out next year, you just update the player. And if the player breaks down, you can buy a new one, because none of the hardware is proprietary.

The System Should Be Easy To Learn and Use.

The administration of a digital signage system is almost always just tacked onto somebody's job description as an afterthought. Or multiple people tag team to keep the signs updated. So the whole system has to be easy-to-learn and user-friendly. Our software has a basic training period of about half an hour. You can spend more time learning more advanced features, but a Microsoft® Office user can be comfortable with the basics in thirty minutes.