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The Turning Point

Posted On June 8th, 2017 By Brigitte Bucklin

Real-time data has changed the landscape of sales and marketing departments.

Businesses today have an overwhelming amount of data in their systems, along with highly competitive industry information and consumer behaviors and preferences that are always in flux.

So, the question becomes, how can you manage and display that data in a way that will provide sales and marketing teams with the insight they need to know?

The answer is easy – Digital Signage Dashboards make it easy to share real-time data with your sales reps, call centers and marketing teams.  By providing your sales and marketing departments with a better and clearer view into prospect behavior, they will be able to sell more and be more efficient.  The interactions and activities of each sales rep and marketing campaign are recorded in real-time and displayed on the digital signage dashboards.  At any given time, you can see how many leads are in the pipeline, which ones are nearing a close (and why), which leads need prompting and how to better customize your marketing campaigns.

When you utilize digital signage to link-to and display your real-time data, you can easily identify which sales and marketing campaigns bring in the most success, which ones are costing you more than necessary and which ones are not bringing in any results at all. Additionally, there is more alignment between sales and marketing, which leads to more effective communication and brand collateral.

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