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The Role Of The Venue’s Employees

Posted On October 5th, 2011 By admin

host venue's staff influences the success of a DOOH systemTo understand how the host venue’s staff influences the success of a DOOH system, it’s important to be familiar with the challenges that confront it. First, the screens must be placed in suitable locations, such as near key products and assortments.

Second, the content displayed on the screens should be relevant to the items on the shelves near them. It should also be fresh in order to avoid boring passersby.

Third, many of the segments in a typical content loop will come from vendors that have designed them in various formats. They often need to modified for consistency before they are streamed to the screens.

Fourth, the monitors and media players need to be kept in good working condition. If they fall into disrepair, the venue’s staff should be proactive in having them fixed or replaced.

While these responsibilities may not warrant a dedicated DOOH staff, they do reveal a need for support. Without it, the hardware, software, and content, as well as the money invested in them, are wasted.

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