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Text Size Matters

Posted On December 21st, 2015 By Muriel Rus

You know that feeling – walking past an advertisement and you have to squint to make out the text.  I’m in my mid-twenties and I’ve had to do that before.  Perhaps you are suffering from legitimate eye problems, in which case it might be time to take a trip to the eye doctor, but in most cases your eyes are fine and the problem lies in the size of the text.  Whoever said size doesn’t matter was wrong…it does!

Whether you’re creating digital or print advertisements, remember your audience and your desired end result – who are you trying to reach? How far will people be from the piece when they read it?  Will the advertisement be showing in a hallway or displayed on a billboard on the side of the road? How can you make your text stand out from any images you might be incorporating?

To help understand the concept of typeface in physical space, I found a helpful infographic that was designed by the team at WOLFSTRÖME.  The infographic show how the size of text on an advertisement should change based on how close or far viewers are from the piece.


Happy designing!


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