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Stop the Spread of Germs

Posted On October 22nd, 2015 By Muriel Rus

You know the feeling… sitting at your desk and all of a sudden your co-worker starts hacking up a storm beside you…sneezing, coughing, runny nose…the works! Sitting there, he/she makes no effort to cover their mouth as germs spew across the room, and onto your desk. As ridiculous as it might seem, it honestly feels like a swarm of little mutant germs is now crawling all over you as you start to convince yourself you’re getting sick too…

Okay so maybe that’s a little dramatic, but cold season is indeed right around the corner.  Help stop the spread of germs in your workplace with these basic tips…

  1. 1.) Cover your mouth and nose when you cough
    2.) Wash your hands frequently throughout the day
    3.) Stay home if you are sick (sharing is NOT caring)
    4.) Avoid touching eyes, mouth and face during cold season
    5.) Clean surfaces that are frequently used (ie: phones, door knobs, keyboards…etc)


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Wash Hands - Stop Germs

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