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Retail vs. Business Class Digital Signage Software

Posted On September 22nd, 2017 By Brigitte Bucklin

Retail and business class digital signage software are not a one-size fits all solution for every industry:

The other day a prospective client contacted us looking for “Business” digital signage software and not software geared to the retail industry.  The caller had been Googling digital signage software and had contacted several companies, tested a few and was completely frustrated with the process.  Many of the digital signage software providers claimed to support his data requirements, but additional apps or widgets needed to be purchased.  And, in the end, these retail-oriented digital signage software solutions did not deliver the desired results.

Enterprise, or business class, digital signage software does exist.  When sourcing software it’s important to look for digital signage software that can natively integrate with Live Data sources such as SQL, Active Directory, CRM software, industry-specific management software sources and other data analytics.  Corporate communication requirements go beyond event listings, menu boarding, travel schedules and advertising.  Investing in digital signage software that integrates with your internal data sources has become an essential tool for analyzing internal corporate operations, facilities management and other business processes.  The ability to quickly receive, interpret and act on information supports the lean management approach and business class digital signage software is an excellent resource for transforming your organization into the visual factories, warehouses and office spaces of the future.

In conclusion, it’s important to look at the big picture when sourcing digital signage software.  Often when companies are first considering digital signage software, they’re only looking for basic workforce communications: announcements, employee anniversaries and safety information.  A la carte types of digital signage software are great for communication projects with simpler content requirements.  But if you’re considering interactivity, or need to link to Live Data sources, then you need to look for an enterprise, or business class digital signage software.

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