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Are You Recognizing Employee Milestones?

Posted On June 12th, 2017 By Muriel Rus

Welcome to the Game Changer.  Everyone wants to be recognized, to be celebrated, and to share in life’s special events.

Employee milestones can easily be celebrated and recognized with digital signage.

It’s great when our family recognizes special events in our lives – marriage, birth, anniversary, milestones reached (weight loss, buying a home).  It’s even sweeter when our work family recognizes and celebrates these events.

Digital signage makes it easy.  Easier still is ConnectedSign’s Workforce Content – professionally designed content that can fit into most regions of your signage.  With a wide variety of topics, you can easily celebrate co-workers with workforce content and digital signage today!

Celebrate employee milestones with Digital Signage and Workforce Content
Welcome to the Game Changer – Connect People with Workforce Content


Employee Milestones - celebrate a co-worker's new baby!


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