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New Years Resolutions

Posted On December 29th, 2015 By Muriel Rus

This year I’m going to:  Stop drinking caffeine, quit eating so much sugar, lose 10 pounds…the list goes on and on…

With a new year, comes the new resolutions to challenge ourselves to be healthier.  We make promises to exercise regularly, stop eating so much junk food, or stop playing so many video games.  As we age, we tend to see the value in leading healthy lives.  What if we looked into other places in our lives for ways to become healthier – perhaps ways to cut down on stress, simplify the work load?

Businessman sinking in heap of documents and asking for help

If part of your workday consists of sending emails, then Digital Signage is something that could save you time, resources and money in the coming year.  For example:

• The ability to pull from live data will help stream any information you would like into one central location
• Office updates for holidays, birthdays, and special recognition and emergency notifications can be broadcast on your digital signage network
• Reducing the number of emails and memos you send out will greatly decrease the number of printed materials that will be flying around your office – from cancellations to weekly updates, any type of message can be broadcast via digital signage in just a moment’s notice


Any time saved in the office is money earned for your company – see how you can reduce stress as you streamline your office communications with Digital Signage – call for a free demo today!

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