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The Money Question

Posted On July 5th, 2018 By lbucklin

Your company wants to better their visual communications effort by adding Digital Signage in break rooms and other viral locations within the buildings.  Quotes are gathered for the hardware, software and professional services. The hardware is a known cost and cannot be avoided, but it is a one-time purchase.  The professional services are also an initial cost only.

Then comes the software discussion; objections are made that the subscription price is a large amount and cannot be justified as a recurring expense.  Cheaper solutions with less functionality and more burdensome operational expense are evaluated.  Nobody does the simple math.

When compared to the cost of creating, editing, publishing and distributing a simple paper company newsletter, Digital Signage is a huge bargain.  Then there is the extra bonus of linking to real-time information and being easily updated.

Let’s run an easy formula.  A plant with one sign in the break room.  There are one hundred employees in the building so the sign has a possibility of being viewed and the information consumed by all those employees.  The software is an annual subscription version that is priced at nine hundred, ninety-eight dollars.  The question; is there enough value in this form of visual communications to justify ten bucks per employee, per year.

The more employees, the smaller the per employee amount.  Pretty simple math, right?

Now factor back in all the benefits like centralized control of multiple locations and different localized content requirements and it becomes a platform you can’t afford not to have!

At the end of the day, you can’t have too much communications within your organization.  Reaching each employee with a timely, custom message is more than worth the few dollars needed to get it to them.  Check out our free trial to see how digital signage can boost your internal communication.

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