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Is your Digital Signage effective? If not, consider these three points:

Posted On May 7th, 2013 By Brigitte Bucklin

• Is the content fresh?
• Is the content relative?
• Does the content have a call to action?

These principals hold true regardless of industry and end-user. For example, a manufacture might say the purpose of their Digital Signage is to communicate with employees on the production floor and therefore standard advertising practices don’t apply. However, good content does matter and this is why; as consumers of information, we are very sophisticated and as a result, we quickly determine whether or not the information being conveyed is relative.

Without a clear voice, messages can become muddy. Without a consise call-to-action, there is no take-away message to be gleaned.

Lots of words to describe a very simple concept. Less is better, but focused and actionable is best!

And remember, if it’s ugly, it’s ugly big!

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