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Intelligence Dashboards

Posted On May 16th, 2017 By lbucklin

Hello There,

We are a company that provides Digital Signage and interactive kiosks nationwide.  One of the most exciting things we do is create Executive dashboards.

Business intelligence is everywhere.  Companies have been adding software and storing data like never before.  The one thing that could make it better is total visibility.  Getting the KPI out of flatland and onto Executive dashboards.

Peter Drucker once said; “What gets measured, gets managed”.  Well you can go one step further and say what gets displayed, gets managed.   Getting info in front of folks in convenient ways is a challenge for many organizations.  An executive dashboard can be located in various lobby and lingering areas.  The content can be “behaved” so that only essential information is displayed.

Viewers should not have to study the information to understand what is important.  The sign can do the work and make sure that if a certain preset value is reached, the metric will display an alert symbol and sort itself to the top for immediate attention.

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