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If It’s Good For The Goose . . .

Posted On June 5th, 2017 By lbucklin

Uses for Digital Signage abound.  It just seems there is always something else that can be done when you start to deploy a system.   

If you have a Digital Sign in your lobby or storefront then you already have most of the ingredients to add another level of functionality, one that is often overlooked. 

The same system can run a display that is meant to communicate with your employees in their spaces.  We call this the “private side”.  Sales training and customer service notices along with Human Resource information can help ramp up your operation’s efforts and make the most out of your Digital Signage investment. 


If you have a “Public” side, then consider augmenting with a “Private” side too.   

For more information on Added Functionality, Click Here.


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