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Give It A Name

Posted On May 4th, 2017 By lbucklin

One of the things we often recommend is giving your Digital Sign network a personality or identity by giving it a name.

Right now, Digital Signage is a hot cool new technology. You can get a lot of attention for it in conversations, newsletters, etc.  Just referring to is as the “Digital Signs”, people might not even understand what that is or attach any importance to it.

However, if you give it a friendly face it can be much more engaging.

For example; we have a large medical center customer that had an employee contest to name their system. They came up with VitalSigns.  I thought that was genius.

Another customer, an energy company named theirs “Current Connections” and branded all their displays with a clever logo too.

Many organizations have newsletters and Intranets and they all have names, but they completely miss the value of having a brand for their Digital Signage systems. In this busy world, you are competing for the attention of those that you want to reach.  Use every tool available to attract and identify your Digital Signs.

Give It A Name!

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