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Features Are Fun . . .

Posted On May 31st, 2017 By lbucklin

Most Digital Signage Software has many little used features. During initial training a user will adopt the methods that are easiest or most understandable and then stick with those methods from then on.

One example of an underused feature is the validity, “good until” or “expire when” settings on a piece of media. All the decent Digital Signage software has the ability to have a media item automatically add itself to a playlist or remove itself from play according to a set date and time.

You should never have to go back and remove obsolete media. Since the operating of a Digital Signage system is often an added function to someone’s job responsibilities, this feature when well used can make a content manager look like a pro.

TIP:  Use the Bells and Whistles!

Look over your features and options menus for things you never use and explore their purpose. If nothing else, read through your user guide and chances are you will find at least a few not so hidden gems.

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