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Posted On August 2nd, 2017 By lbucklin

Really looking forward to lunch today. Leftover Chinese food from home is always a favorite.  I should probably get to the break room a little early so I can beat the rush to the microwave.

Wow, the first thing I notice as I walk into the break room is that the bulletin board full of junky paper postings is gone. Replaced by a clean, new TV screen.  Wait, this is more than a TV, it has our company logo on it so this is just for us.

I’m seeing communications from the executives who we never see. Under the announcements a co-worker’s son got married Saturday.  Weather and local news too.  This is very cool and just the thing we need to make us feel appreciated.  The company made the effort and spent the money to bring great sign to us.

It even has social media playing on it! After a couple minutes, the entire screen changes to a graphic of our new safety procedures and then changes back to the information screen.

This is a great addition to our break room.

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Breakroom Signage: Engaging Employees!

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