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Digital Signage

Posted On June 4th, 2013 By admin

Hello all,

Last week was my first week working with ConnectedSign and I loved it. There were many assignments and responsibilities delegated my way, and I had fun doing them all. Learning the signage system has been a great experience for me, and it will continue to be as I get more familiar with the finer details within the system. I have worked on my personal signage project for almost a week and it has come a long way since day one. On the signage I have included many features. On the top left it has a region displaying the current date and time. To the right of the date and time I have a live feed of 3-day weather forecasts. Below is just an image, and below that I have two videos playing in a loop. The very bottom region is a feed showing the Yankees baseball schedule for the 2013 season. I am a huge sports fan, so this project was a lot of fun for me. I look forward to refining these skills and applying them for projects that are not just for me, but for companies looking to gain an edge in the market.

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