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Digital Signage Appeals to…Millennials!

Posted On May 22nd, 2012 By admin

Generation Y, Millennials, the ME generation. This generation has been given many names and many defined start and end dates but in this circumstance only one variable matters: this generation’s acute sense for technology. College campuses house these millennials by the masses making these locations an ideal application for a Digital Signage deployment. Campuses are crawling with fast-moving traffic that could only acknowledge short intervals of information. This fact alone confirms that an ever-changing display is all the more fitting at a college campus.

Not only can these “TV-like” displays successfully capture the attention of this young and growing audience but they can also provide useful information to the campus. Digital menu boards can display the specials of the day while displays located in athletic facilities can promote the big sporting event. Students can be quickly alerted when there is an emergency or when urgent news needs to be broadcasted.

In the current digital landscape it is unrealistic to assume that this generation and college students alike will respond to a hard-copy promotion. The days when clubs and athletic teams distribute flyers around campus are slowly coming to a close.


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