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5 Ways DS Improves Safety

Posted On April 7th, 2016 By Muriel Rus

For ALL companies, safety is a top priority. From daily First Aid reminders to the occasional emergency alert situation, safety information can come in all shapes and sizes.  To keep everyone in your building safe, here are 5 ways that digital signage can help…


  1. 1. Emergency Alerts – Emergency alert systems can be integrated into your signage to precisely direct people how to find safety in any emergency situation (ie: Fire-exit building to North parking lot, Intruder-shelter in place)
  2. 2. Safety Videos – Safety videos can rotate within your normal content to inform employees of proper safety procedures (ie: handwashing, how to deal with body waste cleanup, etc.)
  3. 3. Wayfinding – Wayfinding capabilities help visitors and new employees find their way around the building safety without having to ask directions or wonder around until they find their desired location
  4. 4. Evacuation Drill Reminders – Linking to live data can provide reminders of safety drills before they happen allowing people to schedule the drills into their daily calendars
  5. 5. First Aid Reminders – Workforce Content can provide helpful first aid and safety tips for general everyday uses


Contact us today to see how your company’s Safety Program could dramatically improve through the use of digital signage!

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