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5 Tips & Tricks for Template Design

Posted On January 27th, 2016 By Muriel Rus

If you’re trying to make a template for your digital signage, here are 5 things to consider for successful template design.

1.) Background: Backgrounds should not distract from your content – if you’re using a photo, try putting a blur on it.  Simple backgrounds keep viewers from needing to sort through unimportant visual information.

2.) Viewing: As readers of English, our eyes naturally view from left to right. Putting important information on the left side of the screen will make sure viewers see it.

3.) Branding: Make sure your branding is apparent, but not overwhelming.  Use colors, logos and designs that are consistent to your brand.

4.) Regions: Decide how important each piece of information is and delegate the appropriate amount of space – some pieces of content can be part of headers or side bars such as time, date and weather. The main real estate of a sign should be given to the information that’s most important – perhaps you’re featuring live data for events or showing a company promotional video.

5.) Type Size: Don’t forget that type size matters.  If your sign is going to be viewed closely or from afar, consider these things when choosing your sizes of type.  Size 72 and higher is great for viewing long distance.


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