The Offenders Will Remain Nameless

Hardware assembly is easy for some and a challenge for others. Whether you are a master mechanic familiar with reading a technical schematic, or Susie Homemaker who needs to assemble some new shelves, it becomes apparent very quickly whether or not the manufacturer’s instructions and hardware are useful… or just plain useless.

Hardware to hang and showcase your digital signage deployment is almost as important as the display itself. An easy, straight forward and (keyword) SIMPLE solution is always the best bet. On top of that, quality is another key factor.

After seeing dozens of hardware solutions over the years, Premier has something that that was a breath of fresh air. Well thought engineering, exceptional quality in all parts and pieces, and the added bonus of having all of the adapters, washers, spacers, and bolts that were needed for the entire gamut of commercial displays, regardless of make or model. This is a huge part in a speedy and trouble-free solution to get any sign lit up ASAP.

The entire setup for the mobile cart with swivel/tilt mount took about 20 minutes with absolutely no funny business. The instructions were straight forward, and very clear. Again, simplicity in design was the best feature. It was not over thought or over designed which gives a very clean, very classy result. The only problem we had is that we hung the screen upside down. That was fixed without unbolting a thing in less than a minute by flipping it around with the optional 180° swivel mount. All in all, Premiere’s name is in no way misleading and we are excited to see what they dish out next.

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