Spooky Nook Sports Kiosk

Spooky Nook Sports continues to integrate digital signage in their 700,000 square foot sports complex by adding a 55″ digital kiosk to their facility. The largest indoor sports complex in the country has tons of information to share with their guests, and needed a large piece of digital signage equipment to do it.

Kiosks enable users to enter a public utility bill account number in order to perform an online transaction, or collect cash in exchange for merchandise. They’re visually welcoming and very easy to navigate through. The way Spooky Nook is using their kiosk is to inform guests and customers about the company, sporting events, and their advertisers. This kiosk also complies with the ADA, and is easily accessible by any and all guests. The HD display and the sheer size of the kiosk is an attraction itself, but when it’s filled with creative design and attention-grabbing content, it is a marketing machine.

Having an interactive kiosk gives you the option of selling space and time to companies who are looking for new, effective marketing outlets. This is another perk of digital signage, not just kiosks. It is an effective strategy to sell advertising space in order to maximize the ROI (return on investment). It offers an excellent opportunity for amusement parks, restaurants, hotels, and many others to advertise and promote their goods/services on a display physically used by guests of all ages.

The interactive kiosk at Spooky Nook Sports is set up in a tile format. There are six tiles, each capable of displaying different information, video content, advertisements, and much more. The tiles on this kiosk are divided into Events, Attractions, Places to Stay, Places to Eat, Spooky Nook News & Information, and Weather. With the advancements in technology, the interactive kiosk has assumed functionality similar to a smartphone or smart-pad device.

  • Events: This tile is used for sharing information on topics such as sports tournaments, employee meetings, birthday parties, wedding receptions, kids camps, and much more. It includes a swipe-to-page feature meaning it changes pages with the swipe of a finger (similar to smartphones and smart-pad devices)
  • Attractions: This tile is used for advertising purposes. Hershey Park fills up this block with an advertisement which includes basic company information like address and phone number.
  • Places to Stay: This tile displays a hotel advertisement of a company which partnered with Spooky Nook Sports, the Country Inn of Lancaster. It shows an image of the hotel, basic company information, and a QRS code which can scan directly from the kiosk to your smartphone or smart-pad device app and opens up Google Maps for directions.
  • Places to Eat: Having already deployed digital signage at both dining areas in the facility, Spooky Nook found this tile open strictly for advertisement purposes. With the same swipe-to-page technology, multiple food advertisement can be displayed.
  • Spooky Nook News & Info.: This tile may display company and industry news, along with information that may be relevant to the guests. This can include employee birthday, early close dates, membership information, and much more.
  • Weather: This tile displays a weather forecast for the local area (or area of choice). It can display up to a full week of weather, which includes an image, the high and low temperatures, and the possibility of precipitation.

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