Showroom Project Chapter One

So good news, ConnectedSign is moving into new digs in a few weeks.  It will be great to have a new expanded showroom and office space.  It has been an interesting project during which we became our own customer.

Since it was a totally new construction site, we had the opportunity to plan and implement a complex Digital Signage network starting with a blank piece of paper.  This all sounds real nice, but having no limitations like existing infrastructure to restrict us in any way actually meant that we had to really plan well.

The challenge was to deploy a network that would present all the potential of Digital Signage.  We split the project into two showrooms.  One is the front-end with displays and kiosks arrayed in appropriate market vertical formats.  The second is the technology showroom.  Our intent was to have a visual display of all the connectivity and hardware used to deploy a signage network.

In the next installments of this blog thread, I’ll detail the progress and include some pictures!

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